Previous Outings


The Knit and Stitch Show at Alexandra Palace – Sunday 9th October 2016

Another successful visit to Knit and Stitch.  ‘Sparkles’ featured at the show, it was a good day shopping, discovering what is new in textiles and some fabulous purchases too.

Thank you to Eve for arranging the excursion and we look forward to next years trip.

10th Anniversary Garden Party  – Wednesday 29th June 2016

Chris and Jim kindly hosted a Garden Party for us to celebrate our 10th Anniversary of Phoenix Stitchers. Despite the persistent rain, we admired the picturesque gardens from the house, we enjoyed a delectable afternoon tea and had a superb day.

Thank you to Chris for your hospitality and special thank you to Jim who braved the rain to ensure we alighted nice and dry from our cars.

Afternoon Tea at Brick Kiln CottageWednesday 4th May 2016

Barbara generously opened her garden at Brick Kiln Cottage for us to enjoy the display of native English bluebells and wild life friendly garden. We experienced the view of the bluebells from the treehouse, walked through the natural garden to discover a billabong, complete with a crocodile and admired the native spring flowers.

After, we sat in garden whilst being served a delightful afternoon tea in the picturesque surrounds.


IMG_0045Sylvia sketching

Garden sculpture




The Knit & Stitch Show, Alexandra Palace London – Sunday 11th October 2015

Yet another splendid annual outing to the Knit and Stitch Show. The Exhibition Room was exceptional and many good purchases were made.  This year there was more seating provided at the venue.


Shoes Pleasure & Pain – Victoria & Albert Museum, 20th August

We had an enjoyable excursion to the Victoria and Albert Museum to visit the Shoes Pleasure & Pain exhibition. The exhibit highlighted the vast and varied extremes of footwear, with shoes from ancient Egypt to the infamous Vivienne Westwood shoes that saw Naomi Campbell topple over. It also showcased many styles of shoes that some of us may have worn and never wish to wear again – or maybe we would?

There was plenty of opportunity to explore the other V & A exhibits, do some shopping and have a leisurely lunch.

 Waiting for the bus

Not quite hot enough to swim

Not quite hot enough to swim

Annual Lunch 23rd February 2015
Our annual luncheon was held at The Half Moon Public House (Sheet).  There were 21 members present, and judging by the noise level and swiftly cleaned plates, a good time was had by all!


Knit and Stitch Show – Alexandria Palace  Sunday 12th October
As usual there was plenty to see and do, and lots to tempt your purses. Maybe next year there will be more seating!!  We all had a great time though.

Trip to Bath on Thursday 7th August
There is always plenty to see and do in the lovely city of Bath.  Members and friends enjoyed this trip and had beautiful weather. Some just browsed the city and others took the free hourly shuttle bus to the Kaffe Fassett exhibition at the American Museum at Claverton Manor

Annual Lunch was held at The Folly Wine Bar on Monday 24th February 2014.

We all enjoyed the fabulous food and of course, the delightful company!  A good time to catch up with everyone and their news.

annual lunch (3) (800x533)



Knit & Stitch Exhibition Outing  – Sunday  13th October 2013

The coach  left the Festival Hall car park Petersfield at 8.30am and good time. This event proved to be a great day out and we all stocked up on all those essential supplies!! The exhibition stands were also very impressive.

Kew Gardens – Thursday 1st August 2013.
This was very enjoyable, although we choose one of the hottest days year!  Lindsay Taylor’s book launch was attended by some members, but was very busy.. The gardens and glasshouses were delightful, and the art exhibition was enjoyed not least because it was cool inside.  The “train” was also in demand, as the temperatures were so high. A good day out.