Phoenix 2013

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Christmas Party – Dec13
Xmas Party dec 13
xmas party IMG_8008

All Stitch Together – Clamshells and Angels- Nov13
AST Nov-13 Angels (640x480) AST Nov13-Angels (640x480) AST Nov13-Clamshells (640x480)

EBS – 3D xmas cards -Nov13
EBS xmas cards Nov13 (2) (640x480) EBS xmas cards Nov13 (640x480) EBS xmas cards-Nov13 (640x480)

Katie Pierson – Embroidering the phoenix -Day school Oct 13
P1020546 (640x427) P1020556 (640x426) P1020557 (640x428)

EBS – Big Stitch Quilting- Oct 13

P1020535 (640x427) P1020536 (640x427) P1020541 (640x427)

Amanda Hislop – Sep13 – Layers in Land and Seascape

ds-sep13Aamanda Hislop (640x426) ds Sep13 (2) (640x427) ds Sep13 (640x427)

Wendy Dolan Summer School – August -” Layered Landscape beside the Sea”

SS Aug 13 (640x427) SS Aug13- lunch in Stroke garden (2) (640x427) SS Aug13-Wendy Dolan (640x427)

Ss Aug 13 (7) (640x427) SS Aug13 (3) (640x427) SS -Aug13 (640x427)

Sue Munday day school – July- Machine Thread Painting
DS-Jly13-Sue Munday DS-Jly13 DS-Jly13 (2)

Lynda Monk day school  June -“Scrim Screen & Scrappy bits”
DS-Jun13 (640x427)  DS -Jun13 (640x427)  DS- Jun13 (640x427)

EBS – June (finishing off for the exhibition)
EBS Jun13 (640x427)  EBS JUn13 (2) (640x426)  EBS _Jun 13 (640x426)

All Stitch Together   – May

Linda Miller “Pictorial Embroidery” May Day School”
       DS May-grp Linda Miller 2 (600x450)

Beppy Berlin Day School April

EBS April – card Making for exhibition

EBS March – squares

Liz Thornton “Beaded Tassells”  Day School  February

JanTredidgo ” entice the embellisher into action” Day School February
  Day school Embellishing -feb13  

Annual Lunch February
  out-Ann lunch-feb13 (640x427)





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